best approach to lwip

sergiosider wrote on Thursday, March 12, 2009:

HI all,

I need an opinion:

I am used to lwip raw interface, and like it´s simplicity and callback approach.

For years, I was using in my embedded programs, a simple cooperative "multitasking" interface, where I call all tasks sequentially in the main loop, using a simple ticker.

I am now starting to try FreeRTOS…

What´s the best way to use lwip ? 
Continue to use raw api (I suppose I have to do it inside one single task)? or start using netcon to take  advantage of the multitasking?

I know the answer might depend on the complexity of my design, but is one approach way better than the other so I just should not think about it ?

Thanks for any advice!
Sergio P. Sider

edwards3 wrote on Thursday, March 12, 2009:

I would suggest getting yourself over to the lwIP mailing list. They are a very friendly and helpful bunch and expert on this.