Beken chip BK7231U

We have a BK7231u device and want to create a mobile app for both iOS and Android. We require a special feature in the chip for building a live video streaming app. Do you have the ready-to-use software development kit (Mobile SDK) that works with this device? You can find details about the device here:BK7231U

We have the FreeRTOS library with us: “/bk7231u_freertos_sdk” in Github repo, but we’re wondering how to link this library with our mobile app. Do you have a ready-to-use mobile SDK that we can directly use in our mobile apps?

Hi, the repository at GitHub - cornrn/bk7231_freertos_sdk: bk7231_freertos_sdk is not under our maintenance, and unfortunately, we do not possess an SDK that aligns with the chip in question. I would suggest reaching out to the vendor directly to inquire about obtaining the appropriate SDK.

As indicated by @mengtge, this question is not related to FreeRTOS and so I am closing this thread. Please feel free to open a new thread if you need anything else.