backoffAlgorithm usage

Is anyone using the backoff algorithm? The code says it’s implementing the “Full Jitter” backoff strategy explained on the AWS website, but looking at the code I fail to see the exponential part.

Here is where the upper bound is doubled each loop iteration: backoffAlgorithm/backoff_algorithm.c at 2cb294950db0031d65675ba171b557a831c59d54 · FreeRTOS/backoffAlgorithm · GitHub

That causes the upper bound for backoff interval to grow exponentially.

Thanks for that. I was looking for the pow function using the number of attempts, but as always there is more than one way to skin a cat.

I did end up creating a modified version of the code as I wanted to use the EqualJitter implementation instead of the implemented FullJitter. For our devices in areas with bad cell reception I rather have a guaranteed minimum time between attempts.