AWS Shadow topic subscription


I’m trying to integrate a shadow on to an existing project. I have a separate mqtt task running.
In my shadow task. I’m following the same sequence to subscribe to an update topic first.

In the activity, I can see that my device has subscribed to the shadow/update topic but in the console logs I get an ACK time out error with return code : 3

Just checked that I have all the necessary permissions. Could some please advise.

Thanks and Regards,

Which project is this?

Where do you see this activity? Can you share complete logs?

Hi @aggarg

I have my own application running on esp32 which does a mqtt pub/sub acivity.
Now, trying to add shadow as a feature.
As a first step, I’m trying to subscribe to thingname/shadow/update/delta
I use a function below.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

As a device, it would subscribe to delta/update
Once the devices changes to the requested it updates the newly updated(reported) state to shadow/update. Is that correct?

Better post code as code (see the </> button) or enclose code blocks with 3 tildes ‘~’ or backticks ‘`’ ).
No screenshots of code please. Thanks :slight_smile:

What is the policy attached to your certificate?

Yes, that is correct.

Thanks. I managed to solve this by reconfiguring the permissions.