Aws ota esp-32


I’m quite new to the FreeRTOS topic and want to port the amazon-freertos repo from Github on my ESP32 DevkitC. Following the getting started guide from amazon isn’t quite working for me when I’m trying to install the PATH variable. It also tells me to download the ESP-IDF V 4.2 before cloning a repo of the amazon-freertos and use this command for the path “vendors/espressif/esp-idf/”.
But from my understanding this means, that I have to have my repo before installing the esp-tools. The step-by-step solutions don’t make sense to me. Does anyone have an idea how to perform this port?

Thank you

Hello Achim,

Sorry for the confusion. I checked the getting start guide, it’s our mistake. Downloading the amazon-freertos repo should be the step before runing the “vendors/espressif/esp-idf/” script. So please download the amazon-freertos and ESP-IDF v4.2, then follow the steps of “Setting up the toolchain” to setup the ESP-IDF v4.2.

Thank you for pointing this out. We will correct it as soon as possiable.


Thank you for your reply Ming. I made the MQTT demo run and it’s working. Now we wanted to check for the OTA demo and in the step number 2 in: Install the initial version of firmware on the Espressif ESP32 - FreeRTOS
there is no file aws_ota_codesigner_certificate.h anymore in the newest repo. Is there an already updated documentation for it available?

Greetings Achim

Hi Achim,

Sorry for the inconvience. We are making an update to our OTA code at main branch recently and we are working on the documents update which should be ready soon. For the main branch code, the “OTA code signing certificate” is now inside ota_demo_config.h that is added for each platform. For ESP32 it located at amazon-freertos/ota_demo_config.h at 41471b7968f27bd292710d51c5cfa672f688d876 · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub

The current document Install the initial version of firmware on the Espressif ESP32 - FreeRTOS is consitstant with the 202012.00 release. Usually the documents are consistent with our released version. The doc would be updated accordingly with the next release soon.

Thank you!


Thanks a lot for the update. This is what we’ve been looking for. I’ll check that everything is working now.

Greetings Achim