AWS OTA cc3220sf

  1. Wanted to understand Flash write operation in aws_demo project for TI CC3220SF device.
  2. Availability of bootloader, as I didn’t see seperate bootloader project.

Please guide on getting started and understanding OTA using AWS FreeRTOS.

Hi, a guide to getting started with OTA and AWS FreeRTOS is available here: FreeRTOS Over-the-Air Updates - FreeRTOS

For 1, could you share which demo project you are referring to? For 2, the OTA library doesn’t include a bootloader and the OTA library can be used with the bootloader of your choice

Hello, I downloaded project from below link:
docs (dot) aws (dot) amazon (dot) com/freertos/latest/userguide/download-ota-ti (dot) html
Unable to attach but its the same project. Also, wanted to know for the above e.g. OTA is working so there has to be a bootloader project related to it. Pl. guide.

Hello @ravi ,

The OTA examples available from the repository you mentioned integrates with the bootloader that TI has provided. The OTA PAL uses the TI’s library framework simplelink file APIs for writing to the flash.

Please refer the TI documentation for details on the bootloader and the simplelink APIs.

Hi, Thanks for the info.
Where is the configuration done to select image to boot from and where is the validation done to use or roll back to old image.

Hello @ravi ,

Please refer to the OTA PAL for CC32202SF - amazon-freertos/ota_pal.c at main · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub

Authentication is done when file is closed - amazon-freertos/ota_pal.c at main · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub

On any issues the bundle rollback is done -

Hello, thanks for guiding. Wanted to know the e.g. provided by AWS in below links are for CC3220SF:
What changes are required to run on CC3235SF?

I’m getting warnings in build in CCS for include paths.

I’m getting below errors in terminal window:

Please guide. Device is CC3235SF for MQTT aws_demos e.g.

Hi, there isn’t an official port for the CC3235SF; you would have to create a port for it. You can use the CC3220SF port as a guide, and will need to refer to Ti’s documentation for the CC3235SF.

Hello, referring to below site:
I got MQTT e.g. with aws_demos working. Now what changes are required to have a working AWS OTA with TI CC32x MCU? Please guide.

Hello @ravi ,

Now that you have MQTT connectivity from the device you will have to port the OTA PAL layer. You can refer to the OTA PAL for CC3220SF amazon-freertos/ota_pal.c at main · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub and the documentation for CC3235SF. Just quickly going over the simple link APIs I do not think it will be significantly different.

Here is general porting document for OTA library- Porting the AWS IoT over-the-air update library - FreeRTOS

Hi, thanks for info…
For AWS Demo for MQTT OTA for C3235SF device, i’m getting below error:
can’t identify EC private key.
Followed steps as in:

used dummy cert and key in .pem format ( other files it doesn’t take)

Please guide how to resolve. is it required to add self code sign cert in code too? if so where and which


used dummy cert and key in .pem format ( other files it doesn’t take)

Could you elaborate what dummy cert and keys where used ? Based on documentation above, the dummy-root-ca-cert-key.pem refers to self signed root CA and its private key, which is used instead of a real CA. This is used so as to show the development flow and not recommended for production.

To your question

is it required to add self code sign cert in code too?

Yes, you need to burn the code signing certificate and key to the firmware. Please follow the document as it is done on CC3220SF here: Install the initial version of firmware on the Texas Instruments CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL - FreeRTOS