AWS IoT Fleet Provisioning Demo

i am getting this error even though tcp_socket_wrapper.c in the location.

Are you hitting the path length limit in Windows? Can you try putting the code in a top level folder in your drive, for example: D:\src\.

Thanks Aggarg, that works
now if i try to run the solution i got this error
Screenshot 2024-03-05 043034

Hi @sharath,
That means Visual Studio is selecting FreeRTOS+TCP as startup project, which is wrong.
Please try below step to re-set it to Fleet Provisioning Demo one manually as workaround.

  1. Right click on Fleet Provisioning Demo
  2. Choose Set as Startup Project

I’ll provide a fix later to set it correctly by default.
Thanks for your feedback!

Note that PR #1190 fixes the issue of selecting the correct project by default.

Thanks @ActoryOu That works good.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 141031
is that correct way to insert certificate?

i got this error while running

Yes, seems correct.

DNS resolution is failing. Are you able to reach out to the internet? Can you try to get the TCP working first?

i got ip address, can i assume i got the internet

Hi @sharath,

There seems to be no log for the DHCP process. Could you please share your network environment settings? Is DHCP mandatory, and what subnet are you using under the router? This information would be helpful.

Thank you.

I do not think you should assume that. You can try to connect to an echo server to verify. As @ActoryOu pointed out, are you using DHCP or not?

Thanks guys i think so i connected to internet.

Thank you for reporting back. I’d appreciate if you share your solution also as it may be helpful to other community members.