AWS IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS - FreeRTOSIntegrity

Hi all,

I use AWS IoT Device Tester to qualify my device according to Amazon.
Sometimes I failed at FreeRTOSIntegrity with the error:

“Following files are modified…”

I wonder that which files are used to compare with my source code in this test?

Each FreeRTOS release contains a checksums.json file which has checksums for source files that a new port/qualification is not expected to modify:

The integrity checks calculates the checkesums for local files and validates against the values in checksums.json.


Thanks for your useful information!
May I know which type of checksums are used for FreeRTOS (MD5/SHA…)? And can we specify that type for IDT?

My question came from the issue that I do not modify any files in that checksum list but the hash does not match.