AWS IoT Device Shadow Operations Demo for MCU?

Hi all,

Is there a demo that uses AWS IoT Device Shadow library with an MCU? I found one for windows, but it’s not clear where the tcp sockets are abstracted. A demo with an actual MCU would be very useful.

This one - iot-reference-stm32u5/shadow_device_task.c at main · FreeRTOS/iot-reference-stm32u5 · GitHub

Are there any examples using an MCU that uses WLAN?
Which socket abstraction would that use?

Is secure sockets abstraction deprecated?

@schoeler The amazon-freertos repository which includes the secure sockets abstraction has been deprecated as you noted. Our MQTT library, coreMQTT, uses a more generic transport interface.

You might find this demo targeting the FreeRTOS Windows Simulator a helpful reference for shadow operations in general.

Another AWS IoT Core Shadow example targeting the NXP IMX RT1060 is also available.

Additionally, the STM32u5 reference integration has an example mbedtls transport implementation and example wifi connection / disconnection task.