AWS-FreeRTOS - TICC3220SF-SDK update


  1. Currently I am using TICC3220SF along with AWS-FreeRTOS example demo project downloaded from AWS. This supports TI-SDK “SimpleLink_CC32xx_v2_10_00_04”,
    but the current release version of TI-SDK is “simplelink_cc32xx_sdk_4_10_00_07”.

  2. Is it feasible to update latest TI-SDK(sdk_4_10_00_07) over the AWS FreeRTOS?

  3. If Yes, Please suggest me the steps/ any document to follow.


Hello Suresh,

Thank you for brining this up. It is in our planning to update the TI SDK, but I cannot tell you when that will be finished.

You are welcome to try and update the TI Simplelink SDK locally, but we do not have any documentation to do so. I am one of the engineers that has updated the SDK in the distant past. I would recommend opening a diff tool like Beyond Compare and copy only the files that are different between <AWS-FreeRTOS-root>\vendors\ti\SimpleLink_CC32xx\v2_10_00_04 and ti\simplelink_cc32xx_sdk_4_10_00_07. You then must try to build the TI project ( and work out any issues from there. TI might have changed some of the API, and so this major version update may prove to be not a simple task.