AWS-FreeRTOS - TICC3220SF-LaunchXL NTP synchronization Issue


I am trying to get NTP time to the CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL device with AWS-IOT freeRTOS SDK.

I tried Following 2 API’s given by TI to enable SNTP client, but its not working as expected.

SNTP_getTime(NULL, 0, &timeval, &ntpTimeStamp);

SlNetUtil_getHostByName(SLNETIF_ID_1, "", strlen(""), &DestIP, &DestIPListSize, SLNETSOCK_PF_INET);

From the TI forum suggestion, Is there any separate API’s from AWS to sync with NTP server? If Yes, Please provide us example code/ API information from AWS-SDK for the same.

Pleas find the reference link below from TI

Hi Suresh,

FreeRTOS currently does not provide API’s to sync with an NTP server.

From the error codes posted in TI’s forum, have you been able to sync to the NTP server with any other NTP client? If not, then there might be a problem with the NTP server. If yes, then TI should be able to address your issues better.

Hi Abrinao,

Thanks for your quick response, I will check with TI.