Aws FreeRTOS and IDF 4.x

Hi everybody,

I’m fairly new to freeRTOS and IDF. I successfully ran the bluetooth, shadow and OTA demos on a esp32-devkit.

Now I started to explore provisioning options and related things. I came across some documentation related to partition encryption and secure boot.

I understand that aws choose to build on IDF version 3.3 and change the default build system to cmake.

This makes partitions encryption and secure boot unusable as the IDF documentation clearly states that these features are not available on 3.3 with cmake.

Also, I remember that the aws freertos will not allow to use the 2 cores on the esp32 because it uses 3.3. I might be wrong ion this.

Is there plans to upgrade IDF to 4.x in the near future or any way to have these features working in the current platform?


Hi @alefebvre,

Updating to IDF v4.2 is in the works, but has not yet landed on any released code. There is a preview branch, here

Please note that there may be stability issues compared to officially released versions.




I’ll give a shot at the preview.