AVS SDK ( Alexa Voice Services) Porting on FreeRTOS

Hi ,
Will it be possible to port AVS SDK (Alexa Voice Services) on FreeRTOS
Any guidelines or references for porting the AVS SDK.


Looks like someone wrote this example - GitHub - aws-samples/alexa-voice-service-integration-for-aws-iot-freertos-porting-kit

Is it something that you can reference?

Thanks for the info.
The reference is actually for the quite older AVS SDK version 1.0

Additionally in Amazon site , it is mentioned as below that AVS not support for IOT:-

As of Nov 15, 2022, the AVS Integration with the AWS IoT program is no longer available

Ref:- //alexa/alexa-voice-service/deprecated-features

The latest AVS SDK is 3.0. Can you please tell does Amazon AVS SDK3.0 support for IOT based FreeRTOS.

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