at91sam7a3 port

chrigus wrote on Thursday, July 23, 2009:

i try to port the freertos to my at91sam7a3 ek. i took the at91sam7s64  IAR example, changed the device general option to sam7a3, the linker script to at91SAM7A3_FLASH.icf:
ROM: 0x100000 - 0x13FFFF
RAM: 0x200000 - 0x207FFF
CSTACK: 0x1000
SVC_STACK: 0x100
HEAP: 0x2000

debug macro to at91sam7a3-ek-flash.mac
flash loader options:
Range: 0x100000 - 0xFFFFFFFF
Offset: 0
extra paramters: --flash
i’m using de same Cstartup.x and Cstartup_Sam7.c files.
The LEDs are configured to the correct port and are blinking with a test routine.

But by acitivating the task
vStartLEDFlashTasks( mainFLASH_PRIORITY );
and the Scheduler
the programm runs to main() and i can start it. but
the programm doesn’t do anything.

while flashing i get the following error:
Flash download warning: 64 out of 64 bytes from data record  CODE:[0x00000000,0x0000003F] will not be flashed

who can help me?

davedoors wrote on Thursday, July 23, 2009:

I suggest ignoring any debugging until you have got the part flashing without errors. There is no point debugging if you know the code in the processor is wrong.

chrigus wrote on Thursday, July 23, 2009:

but where is the flashing error from? wrong flash config? wrong linker config? my own software and the atmel example programs all work fine.

chrigus wrote on Friday, July 24, 2009:

Is there nonbody who has experiences ?

chrigus wrote on Monday, July 27, 2009:

I’m still looking for help with porting freertos to a sam7a3.

rtel wrote on Monday, July 27, 2009:

I have some SAM7A3 IAR projects that were sent to me by a third party, but these are very old and probably based on IAR V4.x.  If you want a copy then write to me directly at r dot barry [at]