AT90CAN128 and IAR

nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

I am working with AT90CAN128 and IAR and external memory. The AT90CAN128 has some bug on "Miss-functioning when code stack is in XRAM" so I must put the heap only in internal RAM. How can I do that in IAR and what variables location I need to change?
Thanks for some help!

nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

In GCC you can define the section that any data item goes in using an attribute ((section…)) style.  Some compilers you can do the same using a #pragma.  I expect you will have to setup a section in your linker for you different memory areas (probably already so) then use a pragma or attribute on the data to say which section it should go in.   Can IAR do this?

nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

Yes, I think that is possible.
Due to the AT90CAN128 problem, I have another question:

-I use queues of some hundreds bytes. These queues live in the heap. 

-There is someway to get out the queses from heap and put them in the exteranl memory?

-If the AT90CAN128 don’t like to have the SP outside internal RAM that can be a problem when I move the queues to external RAM?