Arduino and FreeRTOS

Which Arduino boards does FreeRTOS work on?

Uno and Due for a start - I think there are quite a few projects with FreeRTOS on Arduino so recommend Googling for them and taking your pick.

I’m assuming the question is related to the FreeRTOS library from Arduino IDE Library Manager. e.g.

The source code of this library was recently upstreamed to FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel
A short version of the answer – could see a list of supported devices in above link.

I’m not sure what’s your goal, but calling out a couple things I noticed while running FreeRTOS with Arduino:

  • With Arduino devices, debugging could be hard. Some boards only have debugWIRE interface (e.g. Arduino Uno), and some devices have ISP interface (e.g. Arduino Nano Every). You may need some modification to the hardware to make it work.

  • Even if your device is not in the supported list, updating the port to support ATmega device is not impossible. As you may have already seen in port.c, the major difference between ports is how tick timer is initialized and how tick interrupt is setup.

Hope this helps…

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Thank you for your answer.

Thank you for your answer, it helped me.