Anyone have FreeRTOS running on PIC18F with current tools?

bowerymarc wrote on Tuesday, April 19, 2016:

I’ve been trying to take the PIC18F port from the most current FreeRTOS release (V8.2.3) and import it to the latest microchip tool chain - MPLABX. Tried both the XC8 and C18 compilers, neither give me properly running code (XC8 won’t even compile). I’m wondering if this is just hopeless…

rtel wrote on Tuesday, April 19, 2016:

It has been a while since the PIC18 port was tested, and as the PIC18 is not a good target for any pre-emptive operating system (due to the stack implementation) I have to be honest and say it is not a priority and is unlikely to get re-tested before the final FreeRTOS V9.0.0 release.

That said, if you could give more information on how far you have got, and what the symptoms of not “properly running” is, we may be able to give some advice.