Amazon FreeRTOS to MPLAB Harmony - Migration guidelines

freeRToes wrote on April 18, 2018:


It seems like the question arrives at multiple forum threads about migrating AmazonFreeRTOS demo project structure into MPLAB Harmony project structure including AmazonFreeRTOS TCPIP, MQTT, OTA libraries.

Could someone please help preparing proper migration guidelines?


DanG-AWS wrote on April 19, 2018:

Your previous forum post, [], is currently the best reference I can point to for migrating the Amazon FreeRTOS demo project into Harmony.

Before starting the migration, I recommend configuring and running the Amazon FreeRTOS demo as-is, so that you’ve baselined a working configuration between your code and AWS IoT. If you’ve got a Curiosity board, use that. Otherwise, do your initial test using our simulator.

Other previous posts that include helpful information: