Amazon FreeRTOS in STM32f0 as Greengrass Device

Hanselpucter wrote on October 09, 2018:

Hi everybody.

I´m trying to develop a Greengrass solution using a STM32f072 micro as AWS IoT device and a Raspberry Pi as GGC. My question is: Is it possible to use Amazon FreeRTOS in an STM32f0 device in order to connect it to the Greengrass core?. I´ve been checking around and it should work with STM32 (Cortex M4 based) but no idea if possible in a ARM Cortex M0 based or what to do with this HW.

Thanks in advance for any help.

hbouvier-AWS wrote on October 09, 2018:


I see that those STM32f0 are varying widely in RAM, but even with the 32kb model it is going to be challenging.

FreeRTOS itself is very small:
5 to 10 KBytes of flash space and a few bytes of RAM
To interact with GG you will need at least the following libraries

  • GG
  • MQTT
  • FreeRTOS kernel
  • TCP/IP
    GG and MQTT will consume a 2-4K of RAM, depending on the size of the buffers you set.
    TCP/IP mbedTLS will consume much more 50-70K depending on the target.

If you use STM32F0 it might be possible if the model is 32K of RAM but you will probably need to use an external TCP/IP stack.