About timers xTimerStop / xTimerIsTimerActive


I am trying to use a repetitive timer which when it is not needed it can be stopped and started when required. As I understand, xTimerStart will reset the count if the timer is already running (which I don’t want). Is it possible to know whether the timer is running?

What does xTimerIsTimerActive() return in the case of an auto-reload timer when it had been already running and it is currently stopped (after xTimerStop())
The documentation for xTimerIsTimerActive states that it will return pdFALSE when is dormant:

  • created but not started
  • expired after one-shot and not restarted

“A value other than pdFALSE will be returned if the timer is active”
But the documentation for the xTimerStop states “Stopping a timer ensures the timer is not in the active state”
What other state is there for the timer?
Is there any way to know if a repetitive timer is stopped or running?

Also an auto-reload timer is basically a timer which can be active/running or not.
After stopping a running timer it’s not longer active.