A fast handler for task communication

In case someone needs this…

Working with very fast data flows from an LPUART I was in need of a very performant handler for inter-task communication because I want to send data from my uart task to a ui task. I came up with this simple programm that can transmit data just like the xQueue fifo queue, but much faster:

Feel free to use and modify this code in case you need something like this. This saved me a lot of trouble that came up when I was using xQueue. Also, if you find any mistakes or have suggestions on how to improve the code… Let me know!

Thanks for this contribution :slight_smile:
I’m just a bit unsure how it’s different to FreeRTOS stream/message buffer ?

Tbh, I haven’t looked into the stream/message buffer APIs, so I can’t tell you. I just figured I’d rather do it all myself instead of relying on libraries that might cause trouble as well, haha :smiley: Also, I’ve summed up some different functionalities in my handler to make it (from my pov) easier to use from all different kinds of tasks.