a bug in the comment of the vListInsert

aresqi wrote on Wednesday, June 22, 2005:

there is a comment to vListInsert() at line 226 in list.h

* Insert a list item into a list.  The item will be inserted into the list in
* a position determined by its item value (__descending__ item value order).

but i read the source of vListInsert() , i found this list is not sorted by descending item value order but ascending item value order . (free to correct me)  I mean the bigger ones are after the less ones. For example , this list may be 1 2 3 4 5 , but not  5 4 3 2 1.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, June 22, 2005:

Thanks again - you are having a productive day.  I have changed the wording in the comment to say ascending.