64bit application on FreeRTOS windows port


I would like to run my application compiled by MinGW-w64 on FreeRTOS.
Is it possible?
I understand that FreeRTOS-windows-port supports only 32-bit application.
Is there any solution for that? Could anyone help me?

Originally, my application is running on Xilinx UltraScale+.
I use FreeRTOS-Cortex-A53(64bit)-port for that.
This time, I am trying to run same application on Windows for additional tests.
I have compiled my application with MinGW-w64 except for BSP(Board support package provided by Xilinx) and FreeRTOS. I should prepare some stub modules instead real BSP.
But even if fake BSP is prepared, my application cannot run as multi-task application because there is no FreeRTOS-x64-port.
If anyone knows solution, please let me know.

Any information or opinions are welcome.
Thank you in advance.


I was building the MSVC port as 64-bits for a while. As I recall, it worked, but mismatched types generated warnings. It may also have fallen over if the tick count went over 0xffffffff.

It should be straight forward to create a port that automatically switches between 32 and 64-bits depending on the compiler options - it would be great if you could submit a pull request to do that. It would need to add support for 64-bit here, using the same datatypes as the 64-bit Arm port here. If switching between 32 and 64-bit uses a predefined macro, then it would need to be a macro defined by both MSVC and GCC.

Thank you very much for a kind and valuable advice!
I will try to add 64bit support for TickType_t and portMAX_DELAY based on your instruction. I will report it’s result here. Thank you again.