xQueueSend appends CR LF?

explorer16 wrote on Friday, September 28, 2012:


I have a web client that is requesting a file from a server and sending it to the stdout (UART) and plan for other destinations.  For resource management, the buffer used for response has been 8 bytes.  This works fine with a direct write to the UART (bad in RTOS) but the xQueueSend in the following case appends CR and or LF.  This breaks up the single stream of HTML and is not desirable.

xUARTMessage.pcMessage = vBuffer;
xQueueSend(xUARTQueue, &xUARTMessage, portMAX_DELAY );

vBuffer is NULL terminated.  Could the termination be that cause?  I can not find the reason in Queue.c


explorer16 wrote on Friday, September 28, 2012:

Dear all,

Please forgive me for this post.  The handling of the strings was on my side from xQueueRecieve and how I handled the UART.  Issue closed.