Win32 demo help what should I do at first?

Hi, its Eren. FreeRtos came with an application called blink in the normal demo environment. I don’t know how to remove this. But I still made a few edits and wrote my own task. But the blink application still works because I haven’t deleted yet. For example, if my task prints a string like “Eren”, it runs 1 blink application again after 3-4 print stages. If I briefly summarize the question, how can I remove this blink application that comes in demo form? Or is there a tutorial about it? Can I read etc.? Can you show a way that I can improve myself about this

If the blink application you refer to is main_blinky.c then the functionality is explained at the top of the file and the code that creates the tasks and software timer that implement that functionality are the calls to xTaskCreate() and xTimerCreate() that start here. If you want to remove that functionality - don’t create the tasks and software time.

These are fundamental concepts and I don’t think you will get far before understanding them so I recommend reading the first few chapters in the book before moving on. There is also more information on the website, such as and

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Thank you It really helps