Whats wrong in my queue

I have got TCPIP connecton between PC and STM32F429
In debug mode I see incoming data, but only once or twice , no more
what can cause It?

    void startTCPProc(void *argument)
	u16_t len;
	struct netbuf *buffer;
  char* bufferPoint =  TCPBuffer;
  unsigned char nb=0;
  /* Infinite loop */

	  if( netconn_recv(conn, &buffer ) == ERR_OK)

			if( netbuf_data(buffer, (void *)&bufferPoint, &len) == ERR_OK)

			 bufferPoint = data_process(uartM3gProcHandle, bufferPoint); //to process the data

		 }while(netbuf_next(buffer) >= 0);





Is this question FreeRTOS related? If so I would recommend creating a new thread with a different title as this appears to be an lwIP networking question, not a question about a queue. When you do that you will also have to provide a lot more information as it could be be anything from the MAC driver right down at the hardware end to the priority of one of your tasks. If this is not FreeRTOS related then it appears you are using ST code rather than our code so you may get better replies from the ST forum.