WEB Server Demo on LPC2106 with IAR compiler

nobody wrote on Thursday, July 28, 2005:

im trying to compile the WEB Server Demo with the IAR compiler. Has anybody success in doing this? For example this GCC function:

void vI2C_ISR( void ) __attribute__ (( naked ));

How can i convert it to IAR syntax?
Has anybody made the LPC2106 port for the IAR compiler?
Any help is appreciated.


rtel wrote on Thursday, July 28, 2005:

There will be a new WEB server demo (not for the same hardware) that uses the IAR compiler released at the beginning of October.  Also there is currently an IAR LPC2000 port in progress, but as yet no release date.

Both of these facts don’t help you now of coarse :slight_smile:

The IAR compiler has limited inline assembly capabilities, and has no equivalent to the naked attribute.  Both these facts mean that unfortunately ISR’s require assembly file wrappers.  These are however very simple.  The IAR SAM7 port can be used as an example:

Take a look at the files:


for examples for the port files, and


for an example of a simple ISR wrapper.