usStackHighWaterMark is not always in bytes

The Mastering FreeRTOS document says, that usStackHighWaterMark is specified in bytes. This seems not to be correct if sizeof( StackType_t ) has a size of 4.

Maybe one can fix this in the documentation.

Here I originally wrote:

"Thanks for taking the time to point out what looks like a mistake in the docs. In this case though I think the statement is correct - looking in the code the value is converted to bytes rather than words. "

…but immediately after posting noticed that line of code is dividing by the word size :man_facepalming: hence correcting myself.

Thanks for the quick reply. Just because I am new here in the forum:

  • Will this be fixed in the docs at some point now?
  • Is this the right place to report bugs?

We prefer all bugs to be discussed here first, so we can make sure they really are bugs before opening a bug ticket in Github. That applies mainly to code bugs though. Raising doc bugs here is also good - although these won’t get bug tickets in github. In this case I’ve fixed the book text already - although it’s not uploaded yet.

Thanks again.