Task unti testing on a Linux host (anyone?)

robertmyken wrote on Monday, February 01, 2010:

Hello all,

I’m trying to deploy freeRTOS on an embedded (ARM) target. So far no major problems.
But what I like to do is some unit testing of the individual tasks I’m creating. And I like to run these test on the Linux host (amd64) which I use to write my code.

Does anyone have any experience with this topic? Any pointer maybe? Any tutorials out there?
Any help much appreciated.

And in an ideal world it would great if I could also do some integration testing on the same host before I move the binary to the target. But lets do one step at the time :wink:

Regards Robert.

daffniles wrote on Tuesday, May 11, 2010:

Hi Robert,

Did you work this one out?

I am just commencing a project as well and want to unit test each task generated.  I would prefer to use CppUnit, as it is simple and close to what I have used in both C# and Java, although am very open to any suggestions as the project is really just in its infancy at this stage.

Any thoughts of suggestions would be really appreciated.

Regards Daff.