Suspend / Resume task

valeriv wrote on Sunday, September 24, 2017:

Hi all
I have system with several tasks and one of them manage another, I mean that the first resume or suspend another depend on different contitions.
The problem is that I saw ( in tracealyzer) that after I resume task it does something that doesn’t exist in it’s main loop. Furthermore, sometimes it takes 30 mili and sometimes more than 800 mili to finish this work (unstable time). It looks like task stuck up during this work. It is happening only once (after resume), after this I see task work properly - make what in its loop and it takes fixed time

I don’t understand what task do after I set it to resume and why it takes different time.

Thanks a lot


rtel wrote on Sunday, September 24, 2017:

I’m afraid I would need a lot more information to even guess what might
be happening - perhaps it is that the task was suspended at different
times in its implementation loop. Can you try and find out what the
task is doing when you think it is not doing what it is supposed to?
You could possibly do that by using Tracealyzer to add user events into
the log to so you can what the task is doing, and which code it is