Support for PC and Cygnal

nobody wrote on Thursday, February 15, 2007:

I read with great interest the details of the ‘FreeRTOS’ in your web site.

I’m considering to transform 2 projects I’m involved in, to use an RTOS, and I have a few questions:

The first project is system based on a PC104 system (Using 486 time processor at 100MHz).  The SBC used contains an on board 10/100 Ethernet port used by the system.  The code is written in BorlandC v4.52 & uses WATTCP to implement a TCP/IP link to another computer.  Can I still use WATTCP while implementing FreeRTOS ? If not, is there any other option (Still using the available Ethernet interface)?

What is the context-switching time expected ?

How FreeRTOS deals with the various PC interrupts (System clock, HD etc.)

The second project is based on the same Cynal processor shown at the web site. I use the KEIL C & their development environment (uVision3) - Can I still use it while implementing FreeRTOS ?

rtel wrote on Friday, February 16, 2007:

The x86 port currently only works in real mode.  I think WATTCP requires protected mode.  You might consider using lwIP instead. is a mini real time kernel not an OS designed specifically for PC hardware, you would therefore have to handle the PC interrupts just as any other interrupt within

The standard 8051 example uses SDCC, so you would have to port this to Keil to be able to use with the Keil tools.