STM32WB55 FreeRTOS systick not firing

A further curiosity - when I take a sample project that does not include FreeRTOS and then I add FreeRTOS myself, FreeRTOS works fine for exactly 20 seconds and then stops…

Is the watchdog timer running?

No, it isn’t…

Can you break in the debugger and see where it is stopped?


When I say “it just stops” what I mean is that FreeRTOS stops scheduling. If I breakpoint in some arbitrary part of the code (e.g. the HAL tick callback), I can see that systick timer is running (and counting down), the timer interrupt is enabled, global interrupts are enabled and yet the SysTick_Handler is not getting called.

As per conversation yesterday, I do not think that this is a FreeRTOS problem so I’ve thrown it over the fence to ST Micro and am awaiting their response.

Well, after much digging… it is most definitely a STM32CubeIDE code generation problem. I don’t have the final details (and may never) but I thought I would confirm back on this forum that it is not a FreeRTOS problem.

If I get more colour then I’ll post that here but, in the meantime, a big “thank you” for all your support and suggestions especially @RAc


Thanks for the feedback and the status update, Andrew. Well appreciated!

Hello Andrew,
have you submitted it to ST through OLS?
Please let me know the ticket number so I’ll double check on it.

Yes. The case number is 00129460.

I’ll have a look to check if it is already assigned and my colleagues or myself will follow up through the ST on-line support.
Best Regards

Hi Andrew, I see a colleague of mine in your Region is already taking care of your ticket.
You should receive some feedback soon.
Please follow-up on the OLS ticket, and once you get the solution you might want to upload it here.
Thanks and have a nice weekend!

Hi @massimopanzica. Yes, but, in fact, I’m not in Japan, I’m in the UK. But it doesn’t matter. Your colleague in Japan is doing a fine job attending to the issue.