Scheduler of FreeRTOS

nobody wrote on Thursday, May 10, 2007:

Please let me know which kind of scheduler FreeRTOS has

The long term scheduler, works with the batch queue and selects the next batch job to be executed. This type will be used for resource-intensive, low priority programs that may be used as fillers to keep the system resources busy during periods of low activity of interactive jobs. This is also used when jobs usually contain programmer-assigned or system assigned estimates of their resource needs, such as memory size, expected execution time and device requirements.

The medium term scheduler design is used to control suspended-to-ready transitions of swapped process. This will be invoked when memory space is vacated by a departing process or when the supply of ready processes falls below a specified limit.

The short term scheduler are designed to allocate the processor among the pool of ready processes resident in the memory. The main objective is to maximize the system performance in accordance with the chosen set of criteria This short time scheduler should take care of the following activities, Clock-ticks, Interrupts and I/O completions, Most operational OS calls, Sending and receiving of signals, Activation of interactive programs.

nobody wrote on Thursday, May 10, 2007:

err, a real time one.  What book did you get those obscure definitions from?