S3 upload without presigned URL's


I successfully tested demo - HTTP_Mutual_Auth with my device credentials generated from AWS IoT Core. Now I wanted to mix two demos together HTTP_Mutual_Auth with S3UploadHTTPExample but i dont want to use presigned URL’s. How request header should look like with PUT on S3 bucket method? Should I use port 443 like in S3 upload demo or 8443 like in HTTP_Mutual_Auth?

Thanks for help

Hello @MuneebAWS

I’ve got problem with uploading without presigned URL. Can you suggest any guide how upload to S3 server using only device certificate and key? I succesfully tried HTTP_Mutual_Auth demo with my device credentials, then i modify this example to use PUT method and without presigned URL on both ports 8443 and 443 but nothing uploads on desired bucket.

Thanks for help

@Mhroczny Unfortunately, it is not possible to authenticate with S3 directly with your AWS IoT Core credentials. You may do so indirectly with some setup though.

Please review the documentation regarding our SigV4 library and the associated S3 demo on freertos.org and Github.

@Mhroczny I’ve moved your and my post from the other topic to this one so we can keep things a bit more organized. Do let us know if you have any further questions about SigV4 and using it with S3.

@PaulB-AWS Thank you for fast answer. I tried successfully S3 demo download with SigV4! For now i will try rework S3 demo upload to use also SigV4. Many thanks!