RPDL and FreeRTOS with GNURX for RX62N

deltalover92 wrote on Monday, April 18, 2011:

Hello Sir.

     I recently received a RX62N board from Renesas with HEW and GNURX environment. I would like to evaluate FreeRTOS, but also the Renesas Peripheral Driver Library (RPDL) with GNURX. I would like to know if there are special cares to take when using RPDL with FreeRTOS.

    I would also like to know witch are the precise frequency setting in the function HardwareSetup please.


rtel wrote on Tuesday, April 19, 2011:

I’m not familiar with the RPDL myself, but believe Renesas have put some effort into integration with FreeRTOS.  You might have better luck looking on, or asking on the RenesasRulz web forum.