PSOC5LP, one task stops running but others continue.

erikj wrote on Thursday, July 05, 2018:

Hello all,

New to the forums, pretty new to FreeRTOS as well, but am running into an issue where one task looks like it crashes, but my other tasks keep running smoothly. In the past FreeRTOS as a whole has always crashed when I had an issue, it’s never just been one task, is that even possible or am I heading in the wrong direction as I look into this?

A little more detail, I’m using FreeRTOS on my PSOC board, and two of it’s tasks are USB_SEND, and USB_RECEIVE. On a button press, I send a series of voltages and currents to my UI to plot, which are fairly big arrays of data I’m sending. Sending this data seems to kill the USB_SEND task, but my USB_RECEIVE keeps working, and I’m able to update settings on my UI that get sent to my PSOC. I’ve tried playing with my Queue sizes, my task StackDepth, and my priority levels, and it keeps stalling this task.

So before I keep going down this rabbit hole of seeing why this one task “crashes”, is that possible, or would FreeRTOS as a whole crash as I’ve seen in the past?

Thanks in advance!

rtel wrote on Thursday, July 05, 2018:

It is unlikely that one task will have crashed as such, assuming you are
not using the memory protected port. Much more likely that either the
task is deadlocked somehow, or even more likely, that the communications
is no longer functioning so the task never gets triggered to do what you
want it to do. Could it be that an interrupt handler has exited without
re-enabling an interrupt - or something similar. You could use the
trace tool to see what the suspect task did last - or a truly kernel
aware debugger interface (such as the one released recently by IAR) to
view the call stack and instruction pointer of the task that is no
longer working as expected.