PIC18 FreeRots and BootLoader

pietro77 wrote on Thursday, November 22, 2007:

did anyone use FreeRtos with PIC18 and bootloader ?

I’m trying to do this but i have problems with Interrupt Vector remapping.
In particular i’m able to install the Bootloader, to download my application (FreeRtos based)by a serial interface, but it seems that interrupts don’t work.

The bootloader i’m using simply use 2 goto expression on address 0x08 and 0x18 for vector remapping;

This is the program memory :
0X08       GOTO 0x508
0X18       GOTO 0x518

In the file port.c i modified :
#pragma code low_vector = 0x08
#pragma code low_vector = 0x508

From the address 0x508 on, i can find the right code.

File C18i.c has been modified so that reset Vector will be base on 0x500.

Any suggest ?

Thank you.