Passing item to queue from ISR with 0 priority

Hello All,
I need to pass item to queue from ISR, but unfortunately that ISR has priority set to 0 and I cannot change that(USB interrupt) - assertion configASSERT configASSERT( ucCurrentPriority >= ucMaxSysCallPriority ); fails. How in another way can I put item from interrupt to task?
Thank you.

You could pend another (unused) interrupt with a matching prio and handle the FreeRTOS queue there.

Could you provide me an example how to pend interrupt from software on STM32?

For STM32 with a Cortex-M MCU I’d also use the CMSIS API:
NVIC_SetPendingIRQ( <IRQn> );
and before the normal way to setup its FreeRTOS compatible prio with NVIC_SetPriority and enable it with NVIC_EnableIRQ.
And you need the appropriate ‘trampoline’ ISR (to feed the queue in your case).

Now everything works. Tank you for help.