Minor bug in FreeRTOS V7

alan_rouse wrote on Saturday, April 07, 2012:

When I compile my project I get a gcc warming that two functions are defined as returning a value but in fact don’t.

The functions in question are both in queue.c and are:

signed portBASE_TYPE xQueueGenericSend( xQueueHandle xQueue, const void * const pvItemToQueue, portTickType xTicksToWait, portBASE_TYPE xCopyPosition ) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION;
signed portBASE_TYPE xQueueGenericReceive( xQueueHandle pxQueue, void * const pvBuffer, portTickType xTicksToWait, portBASE_TYPE xJustPeeking ) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION;

As far as I can see the return value is never used so it is not a problem, but maybe it should be corrected in the next update.

rtel wrote on Saturday, April 07, 2012:

Umm, actually, both these functions do return values, so I’m not sure which code you are looking at.  Please read the comments at the top of both functions.