Mecha-Godzilla SVN Checkouts/Updates - Sugg.

jwestmoreland wrote on Saturday, July 25, 2009:

Hello Richard,

This is not a criticism - I couldn’t fit that into the title - but can you possibly set up SVN to maybe have the options of checking out just the source vs. the demos?

I moved my SNV directory, and I ended up doing a new checkout - and it bombed on some zip file that was in the unsupported area - … so - I was thinking - some of us probably don’t want every single demo — can you possibly break this up into different checkouts - when you have time?

It is just a suggestion - and not a criticism.  I would say the above wouldn’t have bombed CVS - but I won’t say that… ;).

Thanks - and you are doing the planet a great service!
Best Regards,

rtel wrote on Saturday, July 25, 2009:

I think you can create a view that starts from a sub directory, so you don’t have to have the view at the root.  Something like svn//

I have just release V5.4.1, with only minor mods.  I released this as I’m going to the Microchip Masters conference next week and wanted to fix a small issue with the PIC32 demo.