Link error, wchar_t

Hello all,
I am using TivaWare and FreeRTOS 10.3.1
I get the following warning when building

Warning[Lt009]: Inconsistent wchar_t size
            gpio.o(driverlib.a) and 3 other objects in driverlib.a have wchar_t size 16 bits
            heap_2.o and 19 other objects, some of them in dl7M_tln.a and 11 other libraries have wchar_t size 32 bits

I don’t think I got this warning when I was using TI’s FreeRTOS demo which used TivaWare I don’t know what version TI included in their “freertos_demo” directory.

Thanks George

This warning is telling you the compiler options used to build the driver library (the .a file) were different to and not compatible with the compiler options used to build the other files in your project…this appears to be a tools issue rather than a FreeRTOS issue. Whether this is actually an issue or not depends on whether you share any variables of type wchar_t between your application code and your driver library - if not then I don’t think it is a problem - if you do then it most likely is a problem.