Licensing terms for FreeRTOS+TCP Labs Build 160919


I’ve been working on a project for some time now which contains a copy of the FreeRTOS+TCP stack version 160919. This was the “current” release when this project started and a number of patches and modification have been made to this release since then. So far the product has only been running in internal labs but I’m working now to offer it commercially. Looking at the licensing terms of FreeRTOS+TCP 2.0.0 it is under the same license as the kernel, I’d like to have a clear picture of what applies to my old copy. Code in my case is running on an STM32F746 MCU, in the licensing terms of the 160919 release included with the code I conclude that I should be able to use the “Special License Arrangements” given the STM32 MCU for this specific version of the FreeRTOS+TCP. Is this a valid conclusion?

The product in this case is a terminal server, the TS500 converts TCP/IP sockets (raw or telnet) to UART data:

Intended users includes developers of more advanced embedded systems where the normal “FTDI USB -> UART” adapter cables don’t meet the needs any longer. The TS500 has 5 opto-isolated UARTs with independently programmable I/O voltage which supports connection to multiple targets without creating any ground loops. The UARTs can also be put into high-impedance state supporting automated sleep mode current measurements without physically disconnecting the UART “trace cables”. UART mode control is performed either interactively using the embedded webserver or programmatically via a host C++ library (Linux/Windows). Power is either over PoE or a standard 5V AC/DC adapter.


Your conclusion is correct, but we would recommend updating to the latest stack version as that contains security fixes.

Thanks for the confirmation, I will investigate updating the stack or selectively applying patches where applicable.