Integrating QT for MCU or QTUltralite in freeRtos

Hi All,
Does FreeRtos supports QTforMCU ? Is there any reference for integrating QT for MCU in freeRtos.
My board has CM_0 which do the startup and intialization and CM_7_0 core uses for application loading, now i want to run the my QTforMCU application in CM_7_0 which is CPP apis.

Hey there @sureshgr. I’m not very familiar with QTforMCU, but a quick search reveals a page listing which MCUs are supported by Qt on FreeRTOS.

Additionally, there is a porting guide available on the QT website.

You might find that starting with demos provided by QT or their partners is useful starting point.

@PaulB-AWS Thanks for sharing, but my MCU was not listed and there is no doc available for my MCU.
But i got an idea to create a QT for mcu as static lib and link in my freertos… checking that…