Init tasks creating periodic tasks synchronously

tolgamyth wrote on Friday, April 05, 2019:

in my project (currently I am trying this on windows) I have 4 tasks which at first do some initialization synchronously (no toher task exit init phase until every task finish) and than create child task(or tasks) doing periodic jobs forever. Initial tasks will no longer be scheuled.
How am I supposed to do something like this, does freertos have a nice way to do it?

richarddamon wrote on Friday, April 05, 2019:

To have all the initialization tasks wait for all the tasks to finish initialization sounds like the idea use of an eventgroup. Create the eventgroup before starting the scheduler (so you don’t need to worry about who should create it) and then each of the init tasks when it finishes its initialization sets a different bit in the eventgroup and wait for all the init bits to be set.

The Initialization tasks can then create the needed child tasks and then terminate themselves, or I would think better would be become the last task that they were going to create (just have the code call the needed code.