i2c and pic18

nobody wrote on Wednesday, December 15, 2004:

Hello everybody,

I saw that an i2c module was made for ARM7. I would have liked to know how i can contrib to it’s pic18 port, if needed, of course.

I was also wondering if all ports are the only work of Richard BARRY.

I enjoy your work, thanks for it.


rtel wrote on Wednesday, December 15, 2004:

Hi Fabien,

I have several new items to post up on the WEB site, including a new port that uses the uIP TCP/IP stack.  I am in the progress of reorganizing the WEB pages a bit to try and get all the new  information available without the navigation getting too complex.

As part of this reorganization I would like to create a page where code (rather than complete ports) can be posted that people have contributed (such as the I2C drivers you mention).  Hopefully this will make it easier for people to contribute code and prompt more to get sent in. 

In answer to your second question.  I started off creating the ports, but the recent ports have involved other people.  The ARM port was a bit of a joint effort and a couple of other ports (HC12 * 2, and Coldfire) were completed by others.  There are also a couple of ports to different build environments in progress at the present by other people.  The more ports the better!  However the support I can give to ports I have done myself is always going to be better.

I know of a couple of port that have not been sent to me (H8 an C167) which is not really in the spirit of things!