Heap size problem in PIC18F8720

nobody wrote on Wednesday, April 06, 2005:

I have a heap_size problem compilating freertos for the pic18f8720.  The C compiler shows the warning message ‘cannot fit the section’.  The only solution that I found was to fit the heap_size at 251 bytes!
The pic18f8720 has 4kbytes of RAM.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 06, 2005:

You need to modify the linker script to create a block large enough to hold the heap.

Take a look at the linker script 18f452.lkr found in the demo/PIC directory of the download.  The block named BIG_BLOCK is where the heap goes.

Also take a look at the thread:

which notes a get around for variables that straddle the block boundaries.