Getting hardfault at vTaskStartScheduler(); after doing vlwIPInit( ) on mcf51cn128cgt

swapvh wrote on Tuesday, March 06, 2018:

Hello all,

I am trying to build ethernet to serial converter on mcf51cn128cgt coldfire v1 platform And i am using Free RTOS v5.0.3 and also using lwip v1.3.0.
vlwIPInit() executes succesfully, It Initialize TCP stack. I have’nt found any error in vlwIPInit( );
But whenever program reach to function vTaskStartScheduler() to schedule th tasks then program get in hardfault exception.

Is there I am making mistakes in vlwIPInit() function.

Waiting for Good Response,


rtel wrote on Tuesday, March 06, 2018:

You are putting together a moderately complex project using very old
software and a port that I have not looked at in many years - without
seeing anything you are doing, or any additional information on what it
is you have already tried to investigate or debug, I’m afraid there are
few to no suggestions I could offer over and above narrowing down your
issue (currently the problem you describe could be anywhere in your
source code or project settings) and describing how you are debugging.

Also note the “known issues” that have existing in the known issues list
for many years regarding the Coldfire ports: