FreeRTOS Windows Simulator and dll

dlugi4 wrote on Wednesday, May 08, 2013:

I need created from part of microcontroller code a dll. dll will be used by the .NET application. The microcontroller uses FreeRTOS. To create a dll I use the MinGW. Is it possible to use FreeRTOS Windows Simulator to create a dll? I converted the code FreeRTOS Windows Simulator from exe to dll, but call the function vTaskStartScheduler freezes .NET applications. Has anyone had a similar problem?

davedoors wrote on Wednesday, May 08, 2013:

You can build FreeRTOS as a library for a microcontroller, so I don’t see why you could not do the same in the windows environment. The windows simulator does take a lot of CPU though and could cause problems because of that I suppose. I have never used .net though so can’t comment on that.