FreeRTOS+TCP: STM32H7 Support

The DHCP is one, but that’s easy to move into an update. The others I’m referring to are the TTL and DSCP socket options, multicast MAC correction (which has been addressed ), and various places through the delivery pipe where I’ve installed custom instrumentation ( pin toggling ) for timing measurement with a scope. The latter are very application-specific and while they don’t belong in any release, I’m not quite ready to remove them.

The TTL and DSCP (QoS) socket options, however, might be something to consider for a release. I’m not sure how many people would use them, but they’re benign and require no user action if they’re not used.

Frankly, QoS control should optionally work its way down to the MAC layer, but that gets a bit involved in that it requires the Ethernet controller provide the ability to add an 802.1Q tag to the frame, and not all controllers can do that. The F7 certainly can’t. I can’t speak for the H7.

Like I said, a WinMerge comparison of the code base I have now against the latest update would easily let me move any mods over to the update.

Robert, I have just created PR #268 with the title “IPv4/DHCP Let the application indicate a preferred IP-address”.

I tested it with two different DHCP servers and it looked good to me.

If you can find the time, could you have a look at it?