FreeRTOS + TCP/: IPv6 support

Hi there Hein,

one of my customers will move away from lwip. I am trying to push a move towards FreeRTOS+TCP, but stable IPv6 support is a necessary requirement. What is the current state of IPv6 support?


Hello Ruediger,
the IPv6 branch already exists for a few years, and a couple of companies have reported that they are using it.
Meanwhile, we are working hard on increasing the quality of the code, with techniques like unit-testing, CBMC, MISRA compliance, and reducing code complexity. Beside that, I keep on testing the IPv6 branch in real applications with these protocols: DHCP, ARP, ICMP/ping, DNS, TCP, UDP.

In case your customer wants to make the move, we are here to provide any help they need.

Here is the Multi/IPv6 branch: